Here you can see what runners thought about the first edition of Maxi Race South Africa that occurred on 5/6 October 2019




Lehain Arends: « 26h11m30sec it took me to complete the most Brutal Adventure of a life time thank you for a well organized event, it was top class from start to finish. Every one involved was so friendly and helpful and the aid stations were amazing. This race will grow to be a must do on the calendar events within South Africa trail running community. This race pushed me to beyond the limits I never knew I had within me from climbing over mountains running at night through the dark forest oh my word it had it all drama suspense action. If I had one complaint it was I wanted more maybe add a 160km to the route maxiracesouthafrica💯 Awesomeness to infinity and beyond. »

Werner Bruckner: « Thanks for an excellent race day. »

Jean-Paul Cloppet: « It is a privilege for me to have participated in this Maxi Race Cape Winelands, discovering new panoramas at the end of the world is rare. Thanks to all the staff. See you soon on another MaxiRace 😉 »

Johan Van Jaarsveld: « Thanks all for an unforgettable Maxi Race. I am and will be telling everybody about it. Expect half of Bloemfontein at the race next year!!! »

Mike Jones: « I wanted to say congratulations on pulling on a successful inaugural Maxi Race event in South Africa! I hope you’ve been able (or will be able) to take some time to recover and unwind after what must have been a hectic period! The achievement of pulling off an event with 4 distances covering such a huge area is MASSIVE. »

Mark Sheehan: « What an awesome time spent in the mountains »

Nico Meyer: « A day I will never forget… »





Jana Van Houwelingen (1st female): « Gratitude for having been able to run the inaugural Maxi Race South Africa 68km! Everything that was within the control of the organizers was PERFECT. Out of their hand was the weather – it was the most beautiful day out but vuurwarm. »

Daniel Claassen (1st): « Thanks for a great event »

Matthew Healy (2nd): « Thanks for putting on such an incredible well run event. The trails we got to experience were amazing! »

Cyril Cointre (3rd): « I think the race is a winner and will prove increasingly popular with runners around the world in future years. I knew I was under-trained for this race, but enjoyed running with Matt and Daniel for the first half. The start of the race in the mountains about Franschhoek was incredible and the views at sunrise were absolutely amazing. »

Scott Mcivor: « Great event yesterday and many thanks. Route was ace, superbly marked, organization excellent. »

Colleen Browne: « I just want to say thank you again for such an amazing, well organised event! The route was incredible, the atmosphere awesome and you guys nailed it! I’ll be sure to spread the name of Maxi SA!” “From a very stiff but super happy first time ultra finisher 🙂 Thank you Maxi Race for an incredible event! Couldn’t have wished for better event for my first ultra! Well organized, incredible route, amazing supportive crew at each checkpoint. See you in 2020! »

Cally Silberbauer: « It was an incredibly brutal yet beautiful race. »

Jono Botha: « Amazingly well organized event with 68 odd days of seriously tough trail. »

Michelle Theron: « Thank you for a great event! »

Hendrik de Beer: « K-Way Skyrun 100 is next and I think the Maxi 68km was great preparation for it. It was a tough race with some epic views so you can definitely count on me to give it a bash in the future. Well done for organizing a superb race 💪 »

Tarrin Van Niekerk: « Maxi Race was a fantastic experience. Steep climbs (1400m in the first 11km), fast downhills, incredible views and leaker vibes at the aid stations. Thanks for hosting a world class event! »

Cécile Bertin: « I didn’t finished but I was amazed by this first part of the race, so beautiful »

Robyn John: « Great day out… I am completely broken. Thanks for a great race 🙂 »

Kennedy Sekhuthe: « Thank you very much. I had fun and I enjoyed. I feel proud to have participated.»





Roelof Mostert (1st): « Beautiful course, well marked and well organized in the breathtaking and iconic Cape Winelands. Massive thanks to everyone who came out on the day!! I had a blast and will definitely be back next year, perhaps include the 100k distance in my 2020 calendar as a focus race. »

Cronje Du Plessis: « What an experience. I finished! 8 hours around and up that same mountain in the background. The most difficult challenge ever set for myself »





Nicole Capper: « Maxi Race South Africa you were EPIC! Running through the Stellenbosch mountains was a privilege. I remembered why I run. »

Michael Peinke: « Absolutely loved the event and will definitely be clearing my schedule to participate next year. »

Olivier Granet: « So beautiful, must do it again. »

Elke Brink: « Always so awesome playing around on the home turf! I have run this route a few times and coming over Mont Marie will always be one of my favorite routes! Not too much climbing and just a lot of fun downhills! »

Emily Robertson: « Great day of running some of the most beautiful trails in Stellenbosch. Loved being part of the Maxi Race experience. »



Other reactions:

  • Such a great achievement, so well run overall!
  • Fantastic effort for a inaugural event.
  • A super event, will do it next year again !
  • I really enjoyed myself.
  • I think it was incredibly well organised and the route was well put together. Mooi Suid-Afrika!
  • Well planned, organised, beautiful route.
  • Fun race, nice vibe
  • Top Class will grow in to a HUGE event!!
  • Well organised
  • Super tuff route that will become “the one to run” in SA
  • Very excellent ! thank you !
  • Spectacular!!
  • Defined underestimated it but had a solid run
  • Both beautiful and challenging
  • Not runnable for average runners but allot of fun
  • 20km was surprizingly beautiful. Loved the flowing downhills!
  • The route was awesome and scenic – perfect
  • Great route!!
  • It was a really tough route!
  • Very runnable. tough climbs.
  • The climbs were brutal but river crossings made up for that