Maxi Rules


We have rules that you have to follow during the race in order that the event runs smoothly.

These are not a punishment but preventive measures to avoid a situation that could put the runner and everyone else involved in the race in danger.



  • Non-respect of volunteers/organizers and other runners.
  • Non-respect of the route, prohibition to cut corners.
  • Transfer your bib to another runner without notifying the organization.
  • Throw papers, empty bottles, energy bars or energy gel on the ground (there will be garbage accessible at every aid station)
  • Dog and other animals prohibited (attached or not)
  • No emergency blanket, waterproof jacket or mobile phone if the weather is bad


Time Penalties:

2 hours Penalty:

  • No Emergency Blanket
  • No Waterproof Jacket
  • No Mobile Phone

Be aware if the weather is bad you will get disqualified if you run without an emergency blanket, a waterproof jacket or a charged mobile phone.


1hour Penalty:

  • No headlamp
  • Using assistance out of the assistance zones
  • Having someone doing your pacing

30min Penalty:

  • No water container (minimum 1 liter)
  • No food reserve
  • No reusable cup
  • No whistle