Maxi Runs




What is it?

Maxi-Runs are here to recognize parts of our different routes. Knowing the route is a big advantage, it helps you to manage better your effort during the race. It’s also a mental help, that will help you to continue during your weak times in order to cross the finish line.


Who can come?

It is open to anybody who is able to run 30 kilometres in the mountains. You just need to send a mail to “” to to confirm that you come.


How much is it?

It is free for those who come with a smile on their faces 🙂


Material needed?

You will be in autonomy during the Maxi Runs so you need to take some water and food. We also ask you to bring a cell phone in case you get lost. Furthermore, as you are in autonomy you need to bring a gear that will make you able to evolve in the mountains according to the weather conditions (waterproof jacket, cap, sunglasses…).



Maxi Runs are not races; we will run as a group. The goal is to enjoy the moment and recognize well the routes. According to the number of participants we may split the group in 2 two with slow and fast runners.


When and where will it be?

At 8am on:
Saturday 29th June: Franschhoek
Saturday 27th July: Banhoek Conservancy
Saturday 7th September: Simonsberg Conservancy



Which races the Maxi Runs will recognize?

Maxi Run Recce 1 in Franschhoek: 65 & 100km
Maxi Run Recce 2 in Banhoek Conservancy: 65 & 100km
Maxi Run Recce 3 in Simonsberg Conservancy: 40 & 100km


What will be the routes?

Maxi Run Recce 1 in Franschhoek:

27km & 1850m D+ / Recognition of the 65 & 100km

We will start front of the church in Franschhoek, exactly at the same place where the starting line will be. To warm up the legs we start with the ascent of Perdekop which culminate at 1575 meters. So we will have 12 kilometres with 1500 meters of elevation in order to be able to enjoy the amazing views at the top. Then we will come down a little bit and climb Du Toitskop Peak before going back down to Franschhoek.


Maxi Run Recce 2 in Banhoek Conservancy:

Slow 21km & 900m D+ or Fast 32km & 1400m D+ / Recognition of the 65 & 100km

Starting in Boschendal we will take the 65 & the 100km Maxi Race Route to Bartinney.
We will have 2 groups, a slower one that will do 21km & 900m of elevation from Boschendal to Bartinney and a faster one that will take the same route but that will not stop at Bartinney and do a loop to come back in Boschendal so 32km & 1400m of elevation.


Maxi Run Recce 3 in Simonsberg Conservancy:

Recognition of the 40 & 100km
More info soon